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Strip & Rebuild Service - £140

Want to give your bicycle a treat? Then why not get us to completly strip the bicycle down, clean everything and build it back up into a dream machine?

Labour charges do not include the cost of any parts required.

A full quote will be provided before works starts.

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Tuesday 10am - 6pm
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"I was on a bike Tour from Bexhill to Greatstone and my backwheel got broken. The Mechanic fixed it within one hour for 20 pounds! That was great, thank you very much!!!" - Simon

"High Tide Cycles are brilliant! Really friendly and helpful guys who did an incredible/super speedy job fixing up my bike." - Lynda

"It's a different bike. The breaks actually work going down hills, that's a first, and the gears are smooth. I forgot what riding a bike feels like." - Cath