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Paint Jobs

Custom Paint Jobs at High Tide CyclesWe use a Rye Metal Finishing who have a very high standard of work.

We've used a few powder-coaters over the years, they all want you to put blanks in the bottom bracket shell so they can do a sloppy job. When you remove the blanks it messes up the paint.

Our guys, no blanks, somehow they keep the threads clean. They don't paint brake boses, they don't paint where the crown race sits on the fork... they know bikes. Bad power-coating looks like you've covered your bike in coloured PVA. Good powder-coating looks great and is a tough finish.

As it's powder-coating it's a one colour paint job, nothing fancy.

As always, we prefer to work with steel. Some aluminium bikes can't be stripped, steel wins.

If you're thinking about getting a bike repainted then bring it in. The price depends on the state of the bicycle, what colour you choose and what kind of finish.

If you bring us a fully stripped frame and forks and want a common colour, it's around £140 for blasting and powder coating and usually takes around two weeks.

Like every other service, we will provide a quote before starting work.

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"Took a couple of bikes in for servicing and found it a very knowledgeable and skilled maintenance service." - Gregory

"Very helpful, extremely pleased with all repairs to my Marin mountain bike." - Nick

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