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Got a bicycle to sell?

We wouldn't buy this bicycle. We buy used bicycles but prefer part exchange, one in, one out.

There's a lot of very cheap and badly made bicycles out there. Even if they're almost brand new, we will not buy them. Please do not take offence.

We're NOT interested in...

We like...

If you send us an email with photos we can let you know if we're interested in seeing it or not.

We do not buy bicycles from anyone under the age of 18 and you must provide photo and address ID if you want to sell or part exchange a bicycle.


We do sell some bikes on commission, 20% on the sale price. The bike needs to be fully serviced for sale in our shop. We will quote for any work, if needed.

We also, now and then, sell 'projects' on commssion. 'Projects' might be a frameset or a bike that's interesting but in need of a lot of work, so it's up to the new owner to take it on.

Opening Hours

Monday Closed
Tuesday 10am - 5pm
Wednesday 10am - 5pm
Thursday 10am - 5pm
Friday 10am - 5pm
Saturday 10am - 5pm
Sunday Closed


"Very helpful, extremely pleased with all repairs to my Marin mountain bike." - Nick

"Thank you for giving my Brompton a good old-fashioned service! It's nice to get back on the Brooks saddle!" - Beth

"Knowledgeable and honest... 10 times better than Halfords. How a bike shop should be." - Travis