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Paint Jobs

Custom Paint Jobs at High Tide CyclesWe've use a great powder-coaters who have a very high standard of work.

If you're thinking about getting your bicycle repainted then it's best to come into the shop and have a chat. The final price depends on the state of the bicycle, what colour you choose and what kind of finish.

We usually have a few frames in the shop back from the powder-coaters, so you can check out the standard of the work before proceeding

If you bring a clean and fully stripped frame and forks into us and want a common colour, it's £100 for blasting and powder coating and takes around two to three weeks.

Anything extra costs more. A full strip, custom paint job and rebuild usually comes in around £250.

Like every other service, if you bring your bicycle in and talk to us about what you want, we'll cost it up and give you a full quote before starting the work.


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"It's a different bike. The breaks actually work going down hills, thats a first, and the gears are smooth. I forgot what riding a bike feels like." - Cath

"Wow, it's like a totally new bike! Thanks!" - Sarah

"Thank you for giving my Brompton a good old-fashioned service! It's nice to get back on the Brooks saddle!" - Paula