Custom Builds

Custom Touring Bicycle, back from the paintersWe really enjoy building custom bicycles.

If you've got the perfect bicycle in mind then do come by the shop and discuss your ideas.

If you haven't got a frame for your custom build, we often have blank frames and forks for sale. Otherwise we can help you find one elsewhere.

We use a great powder coater if the frame and fork needs a refresh. We can also build wheels to your exact specification if required.

Custom Touring Bicycle, finished and about to set off on it's first tourThere's something very special about owning a bicycle that's built to your own requirements.

It's also a good deterent from theft. Cover your bike in stickers, paint stuff on it. Build a bike you love.

We will supply you with a full quote for the build before starting any work.


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"Thank you for giving my Brompton a good old-fashioned service! It's nice to get back on the Brooks saddle!" - Beth

"Brought my bike back from the brink. It was a £10 utter death-trap but I'm now looking forward to a long life of happy cycling from her. All for a perfectly reasonable price." - Sam

"I had my bike re-sprayed and converted to a single speed at this shop and I'm lovin it." - Rebecca