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High Tide Cycles WorkshopWe take pride in the quality of our bicycle servicing.

You bring the bike down, we have a quick chat about what needs doing and take your name and number. We'll get the bike in the stand as soon as we can, check it over and phone you with a quote.

Please don't leave your bicycle in our shop for a long time, we're a small shop and space is always an issue.

We will work on tandems, trikes and other large pedal powered machines, but contact us to book a specific date. Due to space constraints we need to know when it's coming in.

£40 Bicycle Service Includes:

The £40 labour charge does not include the cost of any parts required.

A full quote will be provided before works starts.

We use high quality components for our services; Jagwire brake pads, stainless steel cables, grade 100 ball bearings, etc. We use the same components for our services as we sell in the shop.

If your bicycle is extremely dirty we may charge extra due to the fact it takes us longer to service your bike.

Additional jobs to a standard service

If your bicycle requires more work than covered above, we charge by the number of additional jobs required.

Pricing if additional jobs are required:

Additional to a service with specific charges

Depending on how busy we are, we may also look at the following by agreement:

Currently we don't do...

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"Super friendly service, vast cycle knowledge and reasonably priced." - Kurt

"Brought my bike back from the brink. It was a £10 utter death-trap but I'm now looking forward to a long life of happy cycling from her. All for a perfectly reasonable price." - Sam

"Fantastic service always helpful and very friendly. Would recommend to anyone." - Solomon