E-bike Conversions

We put a halt to our conversion service when the pandemic hit. Due to the rise in transport costs and how seasonal our business can be, we've decided to do one large order of motors/batteries and then complete the conversions over winter, when we're quieter and have got more time and space to do a proper job of converting your bicycle to electric.

We're starting to plan our first large order of kit, so please contact us if you're interested in an e-bike conversion this winter.

Bafang mid-drive motor We love the Bafang mid-drive conversion kit. It turns your bicycle into an electric powered mean-machine.

We're impressed with the build quality, simplicity and performance of the system.

They fit a 'normal' bike. We will let you know if your ride is suitabile for a conversion. We make safe, dependable e-bikes.

Why conversions?

Benefits of a mid-drive motor

Converted Marin

Converted Marin, steel frame, 26" wheels. Perfect.

Why we like the Bafang mid-drive in particular

Bafang Convesion Kit

250W Bafang mid-drive conversion kit in all its glory.

LCD display C965What do you get?

Load carrying e-bike

Once you've got a motor, you'll want to carry stuff.

Costs and process

If you're interested in converting your ride to electric, bring your bike down and we can check it over and advise you as to its suitability for an e-bike conversion.

As with any job we take on, we will discuss your requirements and provide a full quote before going ahead with any work. If the bicycle to be converted is in good condition then the cost of a conversion starts at around £900. If you're interested in converting your bicycle, please get in touch.


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