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Lots of accessories at High Tide Cycles The hardest part of running a bike shop, what do you stock?

This area is tough on bicycles. Sea spray, potholes, hills, bad driving and theft. We focus on hard wearing components that are good value for money.

We use Shimano cassettes and freewheels, our chains are KMC. Schwalbe tubes, no gunk, no tubeless. Brake blocks and cables by Jagwire. We avoid cheap unbranded components that won't last.

We also have a good selection of 2nd-hand parts. We try not to throw anything away that might have value. If you're after that little do-hicky to fix your bike, there's every chance we might have one.



Ergon We love the Ergon GP1 grips and always have them in stock in various sizes. They're very comfortable and dampen road vibration which can cause aches and pains.


Ortlieb Ortlieb make high quality 100% waterproof bicycle bags and backpacks. We stock their new 'bike-packing' range and a few other bits and pieces.


Pletscher Want a kick-stand that actually holds your bicycle up? Want it not to break? Want a satisfying 'phunk' sound each time you use it? Then you want a Pletscher kick-stand.


SKS If you're going to put mudgaurds on your bicycle, make sure they're from SKS, the finest German mudguards money can buy.


Topeak Topeak make a huge range of bicycle accessories and there's a few things we've seen that impressed us with it's quality and clever design. We like their pannier racks, multi-tools, pumps and saddle bags.


Tubus Who makes the best pannier racks in the world? Tubus do. German engineering. Made from steel tubes, they're tough, look great, work well and the only rack to consider for that grand tour. We don't hold them in stock but order in when necessary.

Cleaning & Lubes

Green Oil

High Tide Cycles stock the full range of Green Oil UK products We stock the full range of products produced by Green Oil UK. They only use only plant based and sustainably sourced ingredients. Most bicycle lubes contain Teflon (PTFE) which is non-biodegradable and ends up in the food chain, so if you care about the environment, use these products on your bicycle.


High Tide Cycles stock Faher lubrication products Faher specialise in excellent anti-friction lubrication products, which contain Teflon (PTFE) so aren't great for the environment.


High Tide Cycles stock the full range of Muc-Off cleaners and lubes Keeping your bicycle clean is the nicest thing you can do to your steed, after pumping the tyres. Dirt kills bicycles. We sell some Muc-Off stuff but the best thing to do is visit your local community bike project and learn how to look after your machine.



Jagwire We rate Jagwire pads, cables and outer. We stock cables, outer, brake shoes and pads. We use their stainless steel cables in our bicycle service as we see a lot of corrosion of cheaper cables.


Kool-Stop We stock a wide range of the Kool-Stop brake pads. Regarded for a long time as the best rim brake pads out there.


KMC We use KMC chains, the toughest chains on the market? Maybe? They do an 'eco-friendly anti-rust' chain that we're starting to love. We're running it on a few test bikes at the moment.


Shimano We have access to the full range of Shimano components and spares. Our standard replacement cassettes, freewheels, cranksets are Shimano. Shimano stuff just works. Go with it.

Sturmey Archer

Sturmey Archer We have a lot of experience working with Sturmey Archer hub gears and have access to their full range of hubs and other components. We've built a lot of wheels around their hubs, often putting 5 speed hub gears on a single speed bicycle. We hold their full range of freewheels, for both wide and narrow chains.



High Tide Cycles stock Kryptonite locks Kryponite make some great locks and we also stock some Masterlock stuff which looks good for the money.


We stock common 'bikey' tools, a couple of multi-tools and the best chain breaker money can buy. We can source tools if you need something special, or there's every chance that your local community bike workshop might have one.

Park Tool

Park Tool When it comes to bicycle tools, Park Tool are the big boys. They've got the range. Market penertration. The colour blue. Some of their stuff is rubbish, some we use every day. We sell that stuff.


Pedros There's a few Pedro's tools that are way better than the Park Tool equivalent, so we stock those. Pedro's tyre levers are the best you're ever going to use, and we've used a lot.

Tyres & Tubes


Panaracer Panaracer make some great tyres, Japanese quality tyres. The Pasela is a particular favourite.


Schwalbe All our inner tubes are by Schwalbe, as we found cheaper brands had a higher rate of failure. Our tyres are a mix of Schwalbe, Panaracer and Continental. What works, works. We sell a lot of Schwalbe Marathon tyres, as they're great.



Mavic Most of the wheels we build use Mavic rims. There's a good range of options and usually something to suit. We particulary like the A319s, tough, not too heavy and not too pricey.


Sapim Unless you've got some very odd spoke requirements then we'll build your wheels with stainless steel Sapim spokes. Commonly regarded as the best spokes on the market.


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Bike Lab

Photograph for Bike Lab

A community bike workshop open every Wednesday 6-8pm. Volunteer run. Learn how to keep your bicycle running sweet. Near Warrior Square, check the website for full details and a map.

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