Top quality Wippermann chains at High Tide Cycles

Hardest wearing chains

Love your bicycle with Wippermann Connex chains Your chain is very important. There's more parts in your chain then the rest of your bicycle.

Hastings and St. Leonards is a tough environment for bicycles. Your chain gets the worst of it.

Wippermann have been manufacturing a broad array of industrial and special purpose chains since 1893. Their Connex bicycle chains are excellent. Made in Germany these well engineered chains use the hardest steels.

We can order in any Connex chains but we always hold the following chains in stock.

Single Speed - 108 (nickel)

Wippermann Connex 108

Single Speed - 1Z1 (rust-protected)

Wippermann Connex 1Z1

5,6,7 Speed - 708 (nickel)

Wippermann Connex 708

5,6,7 Speed - 7Z1 (anti-rust)

Wippermann Connex 7Z1

8 Speed - 808 (nickel)

Wippermann Connex 808

9 Speed - 900 (steel)

Wippermann Connex 900

9 Speed - 908 (nickel)

Wippermann Connex 908

10 Speed - 10s0 (steel)

Wippermann Connex 10s0

10 Speed - 10s8 (nickel)

Wippermann Connex 10s8

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"Wow, it's like a totally new bike! Thanks!" - Sarah

"Brought my bike back from the brink. It was a £10 utter death-trap but I'm now looking forward to a long life of happy cycling from her. All for a perfectly reasonable price." - Sam

"Thank you for fitting that dirty-low-down Hastings gear on my bike. I cycled nearly all the way up the West Hill tonight." - Erica